How can I get maximum reward on a job?

Understanding how to maximize your reward on a job

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The money you earn depends on the tasks you complete.

  • Complex or longer tasks justify paying more

  • The more tasks you submit, the more you earn

Prepare before you start

Read the instructions before starting each set of tasks.

Follow the guidelines

For each task you submit, make sure you:

  • follow the instructions

  • read and accept Terms of Use

  • submit your best work

Keep up quality

We randomly select a subset of tasks and check your answers to make sure that you're continuing to produce quality work.

Be fast

The faster you get to the Job, the more likely you find available tasks. Why?

There’s a limited number of tasks for each Job. Other members have access to the same tasks. Once they’re over, the Job closes even if you didn’t get to access them.


  • Be fast to access tasks for the Job you selected

  • Read the instructions

  • Accept Terms of Use

  • Do as many tasks as you can

  • Submit your best work

  • Get paid for doing a great job

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