Neevo Quality Assurance Procedures

While you work, our system will randomly and automatically select tasks to run through our validation procedure. This process assures the quality of the data you are creating, annotating, or recording.

As a quality assurance measure, the tasks being evaluated and the corrections, if any, are not indicated during the evaluation. We recommend you double-check the work before you submit.

If our quality assurance evaluation finds that you've completed too many tasks incorrectly, the system will discontinue to offer you tasks from the job.

Don't be alarmed if this happens now and again. As long as this is a relatively rare occurrence, your access to other jobs on the platform won't be affected.

If this is a frequent occurrence, our platform may limit your access to Job Types you're inclined to have difficulty completing. Instead, the system will offer you jobs that you’re more likely to complete successfully. A win win!

Regarding payment, although your work did not meet our quality standards, each case is unique, and we evaluate it as such. If your work partially fails the quality standards, we will pay for all the work you did correctly.

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