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Understanding Submitted Tasks and Quality Assessment
Understanding Submitted Tasks and Quality Assessment

Submitting Tasks and Getting "Blocked" from Jobs

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What it means to press "Submit"

Think of submitting tasks a bit like locking in your "final answer." Once you press the "submit" button, that task is sent through our quality procedures.

Note: You won't get the chance to edit your responses after submitting

Having identified all 3 food objects in the image below, this user is now ready to Submit their response:

Live Quality Checks and Getting "blocked" from Jobs

It's important to doublecheck your work while working on the job.

Why? We randomly select a subset of tasks and check your answers to make sure that you're continuing to produce the quality of work with which you qualified in the first place.

If your performance dips too low, you'll no longer be able to submit tasks or access the job. Don't worry too much if this happens from time-to-time. Some jobs are more difficult than others. Your performance in one job will not affect your access to another on the platform.

Even if you're removed from a job, you'll still be paid for every task you Submitted (so long as you comply with Neevo's Terms of Use).

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