What is a Language Test?

Language Tests are the mechanism we created to assess your language level and to give you access to more jobs according to your qualification. We have two types of language tests available: Listening Test (only applied to native languages) and Writing Test (applied to all proficiencies, including native). In the future, by completing and passing the Listening Tests, you will also have access to the Speaking Tests.

Language Tests are also a strategy we use to improve our data quality, so this is something that you can find as a requirement when trying to access a job . Also, keep in mind that, by passing different tests, you are opening different job types opportunities.

Why should I take the test?

Take the test at your leisure whenever you have a moment free, or when you are spending time on Neevo. The sooner you take the test, the better your chance of reducing time spent trying to access a job you were invited to join.

To whom are the tests available?

Not all languages have tests available to complete, but that has been a work in progress on our end. We have been adding tests to our Skills and Badges Dashboard according to the languages you have in your profile. Both Native and Non-Native languages have tests to be completed.

Language Listening Tests (For Native Speakers)
Language Writing Tests

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