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Take the test and improve your potential for being allocated jobs

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What is the Writing Test?

The main goal of the Writing Test is to assess your language mastery - how good you are interpreting a writing text, reading for gist, using syntax rules correctly, identifying errors, etc. as well as your knowledge about essential country culture.

This test doesn't aim at identifying native speakers of a language but aims to assess your ability to use the writing language to communicate in real-life situations.

To whom are the tests available?

The tests will be available for the languages you chose on our platform, regardless of whether or not you’re a native speaker.

Why should I take the test?

The test aims to evaluate your language competences. The more we know about your skills, the easier it is to allocate the right jobs to you.

How long does the test take?

The test takes a maximum of 30 minutes to complete.

Each section has its own time in which you should complete the task. The time is indicated at the top of the screen.

Make sure to stay within the set time for each task.

What if I don’t complete the test in the given time?

There are prompts within the test to assist you in completing the test. Pay attention to the guiding prompts.

If you don’t complete the test, an assessment of your test is done, and feedback on the outcome guides you on prospects.

Can I quit the test and retake it later?

It is not recommended to quit the test once started. Failure to complete the test in one sitting means you have failed the language proficiency test. You will, therefore, have used an opportunity to complete the test.

What happens after I have completed the test?

Once you have completed the test, an information screen informs you of the test outcome and your language proficiency level. The final score will be based on the following proficiency scale: basic, intermediate and fluent.

You also have the opportunity to improve your result. The best score will be selected. Should you not succeed, you are perhaps not proficient in that particular language and may opt to add other languages you know.

NOTE: the test can only be taken 2 times. There can be no extra retries for results improvement.


  • Find a quiet space in which to complete the test.

  • Take the test on a computer: Although our tests work on both computer and mobile devices, we advise you to work on a desktop or laptop, as this will allow you to achieve the best results and have a better experience.

  • Double check profile Language and country: For better results, make sure the proficiency level you selected allows you to understand texts on a wide range of subjects as well as structure sentences from a grammatical point of view. To view/change profile languages, go to profile settings.

  • Each section is timed: You can recheck your answer but make your selection before time runs out; otherwise we'll mark the task as incorrect.

  • The test can't be paused: Be sure you have enough time to complete the test. Don't forget to double check your internet connection and device battery as these might influence your test results.

  • Results are shown at the test's end: The final score will be based on the following proficiency scale:

  • The Basic level means that you don't have the necessary skills to do tasks in that language and that you'll have another opportunity to take the test.

  • The Intermediate level allows you to do tasks and also gives you another opportunity to improve the result. The best score will be selected.

  • The Fluent level is the best result and means you are proficient in the chosen language.

Basic requirements to take the Language Tests:

In order to successfully take the listening test with a smooth experience, we advise you to have the following specifications:

OS version (or later)

  • Windows 10 (64 bit)

  • Mac OS 10.14 (Mojave)

  • iOS 13.0

  • Android 9

Browser version (or later)

  • Chrome 75.0

  • Firefox 69.0

  • Safari 12.1.2

  • Edge 18.362

Internet minimum download speed

  • 1 Mbps

Important note: Internet connection speed can not be looked at in isolation as it depends on other factors, such as:

  • Computer specifications

  • Computer memory overload (several apps running simultaneously)

  • Other resources using the same bandwidth (e.g. multiple browser tabs opened)

  • Connections to proxy servers

The Writing Tests are currently available in the following languages:


  • English (United States)

  • French (Canada)

  • Portuguese (Brazil)

  • Spanish (Mexico)


  • Czech (Czech Republic)

  • Danish (Denmark)

  • Dutch (Belgium)

  • Dutch (Netherlands)

  • English (Ireland)

  • English (United Kingdom)

  • Finnish (Finland)

  • French (France)

  • German (Germany)

  • Italian (Italy)

  • Norwegian Bokmål (Norway)

  • Portuguese (Portugal)

  • Russian (Russia)

  • Spanish (Spain)

  • Swedish (Sweden)

  • Turkish (Turkey)


  • English (India)

  • Hindi (India)

  • Hebrew (Israel)

  • Japanese (Japan)

  • Korean (South Korea)

  • Russian (Russia)

  • Simplified Chinese (China)

  • Traditional Chinese (Hong Kong)

  • Traditional Chinese (Taiwan)

  • Turkish (Turkey)


  • English (South Africa)


  • English (Australia)


  • Modern Standard Arabic (all Arabic-speaking countries)

More coming soon...

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