What is the Speech Dialogue Collection job?

Understanding the Speech Dialogue Collection Job

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The Speech Dialogue Collection is when two participants engage in a spontaneous conversation while following a given scenario.

These conversations can have several domains:

  • Banking

  • Retail

  • Telecom

  • Insurance

And they will need to be performed with a given sound quality:

  • Narrowband (mobile to mobile)


Enqueue - Dequeue


On Neevo:

Accepts a task.

Enters the waiting queue

Follows the script

Evaluates the task

On Mobile:

Receives the agent’s call

Plays the scenario

On Agent Tool:

Accepts a task

Gets the instructions

Calls the customer

Follows the script

Manage recording

Evaluates the call

On Mobile:

Plays the scenario

What is the goal?

We want you to simulate conversations while following a specific scenario - your work will go towards improving the A.I. technology you use every day.

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