Why your Payment Method shows as "Unverified" 

Financial Regulations prohibit us from paying Contributors with unverified identities. That means we can only run payments through trusted third-party vendors who are able verify the identity of payment recipients. 

As a result, as a Neevo Contributor, you must complete the Verification process on your linked Payment Method’s platform.

Below is a step-by-step guide to getting verified on each of our Payment Method Platforms:


Step 1: Check Paypal verification status by using this link

With a Paypal Verified Account, you'll usually see something similar to the screens depicted below after you log in. If you don't see a screen with a green checkmark, you're likely not verified. Check below these images on how to proceed based onw what kind of screen comes up on PayPal. 

I see "Verified" status on Paypal, but still get the "Unverified" error message on Neevo

Our system just needs a little kick. Go to your Payment method settings and choose "Update payment method." Then, simply re-enter the Paypal information for your verified account.  

I don't see a "Verified" status screen 

The exact steps you'll need to complete verification vary by location. Look for a "Get verified" message or any error messages/alerts on the screen (usually "X's" or "!'s" or text written in yellow/red). Once you find that error message, follow Paypal's instructions from there. 


In this case, the user needs to link a bank account info in order to get verified. 

In this case, the user can verify their account simply by linking a credit/debit card. 

In this case, the user can verify their account simply by linking their bank account info 


Remember to Re-link your Payment method on Neevo

Once you do see a screen with the green check mark and an official "Verified" status. Go to your Neevo Settings and click "Update payment method" to refresh the system.

If you're having trouble navigating Paypal's verification procedures, we recommend contacting Paypal's customer support. Since Verification occurs entirely on Paypal's platform, we unfortunately can't offer any more assistance than what's in this article.

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