Do I have to declare taxes?

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Income earned from DefinedCrowd is subject to your country and local taxes. When you signed on to the DefinedCrowd platform, you entered an independent contractor agreement. That means income from DefinedCrowd should be treated per the independent contractor regulations of your local tax law. DefinedCrowd withholds no taxes and, as a US entity, is not subject to VAT.

For reporting purposes, our tax ID is 47-4847626 and our address is 111 W. John St., Suite 205, Seattle WA 98109. End of year tax reports are available through PayPal. DefinedCrowd is not legally allowed to provide tax advice.

Form 1099

Since you are paid via PayPal, PayPal handles all tax documents for both you and the IRS. Here is a link with instructions from PayPal informing you how to find your form 1099-K form (which is the electronic payment equivalent to the 1099-misc form).

Form W-2

When you signed up for Neevo, you entered into an independent contractor agreement with DefinedCrowd. Independent contractors receive 1099's instead of W-2s. However, since PayPal processes payments, your tax forms are provided by them.

You can reach out to PayPal for the correct tax forms.

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