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Why do I Need to Verify my PayPal in the First Place?
Why do I Need to Verify my PayPal in the First Place?

Why payments are only sent to verified accounts

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Why we Require Paypal Verification

Our PayPal verification requirement stems from our dedication to payment security on Neevo and matters of international law.

From a security standpoint, our policy is simple. We will not send payments to any Neevo Contributor with an unverified identity. That protects our company, and our users from potential spammers, hackers, and other nefarious actors.

If we could, we'd go ahead and take care of identity verification on the Neevo platform itself. However, global financial regulation stipulates that payment method providers (PayPal in this case) must verify the identities of all payment recipients.

As a result, Neevo Contributors using PayPal must go through the identity verification process on PayPal's platform. In most countries, you'll need to either link a debit card or bank account information, though some locations have stricter requirements.

To verify your PayPal (or check verification status), please click here.

The value of Payment Security

We know this policy means a few extra steps in getting up and running on Neevo, and we do apologize for any inconvenience this might cause.

That being said, once you're working on the platform you can rest assured that all payments completed on Neevo are secure and legitimate.

We have undergone the corporate PayPal verification in order to be able to use the technology on our platform.

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