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Viewing Available Jobs/Work History/Skills & Badges on your Dashboard

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Available Jobs, Work History, and Skills & Badges are the elements that make up the core of your Neevo dashboard. Here's a quick walk-through:

  • Available Jobs will show you every job for which you are eligible that currently has available tasks on the platform.

  • Work History will show you a list of every job you have ever attempted a Qualification Test for. You'll also be able to see how many tasks you submitted to every job you've ever worked on and payments.

  • Skills and badges will show your available language tests. You can find language tests as a requirement when accessing a job. When you pass a test, you improve your ranking and potential for being allocated to jobs. You need a validated payment method to access the language tests.

Tip: Remember, you can always get back to the dashboard by tapping/clicking on the Neevo logo in the top left corner of your phone, tablet, or computer.


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