Why You're seeing "No Available Jobs":

Jobs on the Neevo platform come directly from our clients. 

The upside? Your can brag to your friends that your work is fueling technological advancement at some of the largest Tech/Fortune 500 companies in the world. 

The downside? Because we're a client-based business, the flow of available jobs can be inconsistent at times, as the amount of work on our platform depends on the demand from them. 

Available work tends to come in bunches, and jobs and tasks are completed on a first-come-first-serve basis. Also, some languages have more work than others. 

And also, the amount of jobs you can see on the app and desktop varies - some jobs can be done on both the app and desktop: Text Variant Elicitation, Text-Audio validation, Semantic Annotation, and Text Sentiment Analysis. There's only one job type that can be done exclusively on the app, that is the Scripted Monologue Data Collection.

For these reasons, it's critical that you turn on Notifications in your Profile settings.


If you do see a link to enable notifications when the "Available Jobs" is empty, it means Notifications are not enabled



If you don't see the link when "Available Jobs" are empty, it means Notifications are enabled. 


If you need to check notifications from the desktop, check out this GIF: 

How do I change my notification settings?

How Do I start Working on an Available Job?

Why are there "No available tasks" in the job?

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