What happens when I "Skip this task?"

A guide to skipping on Neevo

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An Intro to Skipping

On certain jobs, you're allowed to skip tasks that are especially difficult, time-consuming, or tasks where you're experiencing some kind of glitch that's affecting your ability to submit.

If you elect to skip a task, we may ask you to quickly tell us your reason for skipping (this feedback helps us make improvements to Neevo).

If you run out of skips, don't worry you'll still be able to work through the job (you just won't be able to skip anymore).

If you see the "Skip Task" button next to the "Submit" button, it means you're able to skip tasks - up to a set limit.

More Skipping FAQ's:

I don't see the Skip Button.

Not a bug! Certain jobs just don’t allow for skipping. In those cases, the counter disappears completely.

How many skips do I get?

The maximum number of skips varies by job. The counter below the skip button will let you know how many remaining skips you can use.

If you run out of skips, don't worry you'll still be able to work through the job.

Why did my skip count go up?

If too many contributors skip the same task, we remove it from the job. If we end up removing a task you already skipped, we add one back to your counter. After all, fair is fair.

Will I get paid for skipped tasks?

The short answer is no. We only pay for completed tasks. However, the skip function is specifically designed to help you complete more tasks overall. That means more money in your pocket at the end of the day.

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