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How do I pass the Qualification Test? What happens if I fail?
How do I pass the Qualification Test? What happens if I fail?

Your complete guide to Qualification Tests

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Understanding Qualification Tests (and why we have them in the first place)

Qualification Tests help us make sure that you get matched to jobs that are the right fit for your skillset. Qualification instructions will mirror the real job, and the tasks you'll be given are designed with the real job in mind.

Note: Tasks Submitted during Qualification Tests do not count towards overall payment

Passing (or Failing) Qualification

To pass the Qualification Test, you'll need to correctly submit a certain percentage of the total Test Tasks provided (usually around 18/20).

You should do well on the Qualification Test if you prepare and follow the given instructions carefully. Take your time to understand what is expected.

Still, some jobs are tricky. Failing a Qualification Test isn't rare, and certainly is nothing to be ashamed of.

Usually, you'll get at least 1 chance to retake the Qualification Test. If you max out on retakes and still haven't passed, that means you're not quite right for the job.

Don't worry, failing a Qualification Test will never impact your access to other available jobs.

To pass a qualification test the first time, spend time going over instructions before you submit any tasks

If you don't pass the Qualification Test the first time, worry not! You'll almost always have the chance to retake the Qualification Test

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