Available Jobs

Available Jobs on Neevo can vary quite a bit. Broadly speaking, you'll be asked to label, upload, or validate text, audio or images/videos.

More specifically, that means you may be asked to record yourself reading text, categorize audio based on key characteristics or sentiments, draw bounding boxes around objects in images or identify key people, places in passages of text (among other tasks).

Below are a few examples of the kinds of work you may be asked to do on Neevo. Though it's important to note that these examples only represent a small fraction of available job types on Neevo.

Text-based Job Example - "Identify the Sentiment": 

In "Identify The Sentiment" jobs, you'll be asked to identify the sentiment underlying embedded within given text

Image-based Job Example - "Find & Sort the Objects":

In "Find & Sort the Object" jobs, you'll be asked to draw bounding boxes around key objects in images and find their labels on the Pathway

Speech-Based Job Example - "Record yourself Reading": 

In "Record yourself Reading" jobs, you'll be asked to record yourself reading text aloud

How will I know when jobs Become Available?

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