A.I. Needs People Like You 

To understand the world, A.I. models rely on human annotators to teach them what’s what. One company may ask you to provide data that ensures voice assistants can distinguish "call Tom" from "call Mom," while another may be looking to make sure their chatbots understand that "How much money is in my account?" and "I want to check my balance" are two ways of saying the same thing. These are just two of many, many examples. 

As a Neevo contributor, you can tell your friends that your work helps top tech companies launch new products, fight algorithmic bias and launch/fine-tune some of the most widely-used technologies in the world.

Why Join?

On Neevo, you can earn extra money on the bus, in line for your morning coffee or during that commercial break by completing mobile-friendly tasks. Your work goes towards improving the A.I. technology you use every day.

What You'll Do

There are a huge variety of available tasks on Neevo. Examples include drawing bounding boxes around objects in pictures, identifying key people, places, and things in text, and transcribing snippets of recorded audio (among many others).

What You'll Get Paid

Payment varies depending on the task, but Neevo Contributors average $10-15/per hour (usually working in 10-15 minute chunks of time).

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